Wanted is the high street jewellery and accessories brand from Edge Accessories. Edge Accessories have a wealth of retailing experience with more than 50 years in the buying and merchandising sector. The head office buying team have worked within other national retail brands and have extensive knowledge and understanding of a wide customer base.

My client works with retailers across Europe, North and South America to help the business drive and react to emerging global high street trends.

Wanted are now actively looking to test the UK retail market by opening new units, on short term leases initially, meeting the following criteria:


500 – 1,000 sq ft


Units previously fitted for the sale of jewellery preferred, i.e former Accessorize stores and the like.


Prime fitted stores are required across the UK.


Minimum footfall of 12.5 million per annum.


Please send all details to:

Attn: Andrew Hynes

Tel: 07826 551 503

Email: andrew@hynesillingworth.com